Informed Delivery® Mail Marketing

What is Informed Delivery®?

Informed Delivery® is a program created by the Post Office which sends daily electronic notifications of what’s going to arrive in a resident’s mailbox. The resident must sign up to receive notifications, but it’s all automatic after that. It looks like this:

Informed Delivery

Enhanced Informed Delivery® is Even Better

Enhanced Informed Delivery

In addition to the basic notification provided by the Post Office, when using the advanced feature, a marketer is able to include two electronic files – a full color version of the marketing piece, and a call to action, which when clicked will send the reader to the URL that you provide.

So What?

Four advantages:

  • 1. The provided marketing piece and URL are placed at the top of the daily list.
  • 2. The marketing piece and URL are in FULL COLOR, everything else is B&W.
  • 3. The resident can click through to the URL even before the mail arrives.
  • 4. This is one more “touch” in your ongoing marketing plan, with very little additional effort.

But When Did My Mailer Arrive?

With Enhanced Informed Delivery®, Allegro Copy + Print can provide post mailing statistics detailing how many marketing pieces were delivered each day. While that doesn’t identify when an exact address gets delivered, it gives you a very good idea of how long it takes to mail into your area. Based on data returned by USPS, Allegro Copy + Print can provide a post campaign summary report that reports number of pieces, dates received, emails delivered, emails opened and click-through counts.

What Is Needed to Get Started?


As part of the normal mailing process, Allegro Copy + Print can set up your images to conform to USPS requirements, and can provide the instructions to the USPS to implement an Enhanced Informed Delivery® campaign.

Click HERE to send us an email or call us at (925) 297-0100 to get this process rolling!


By the way, if you want to sign up for Informed Delivery® for your personal mail, visit