Questions? Call us at 925-297-0100 or email us at

Questions? Call us at 925-297-0100 or email us at


Informed Delivery® is a program created by the Post Office which sends daily electronic notifications of what’s going to arrive in a resident’s mailbox. The resident must sign up to receive notifications, but it’s all automatic after that.

Informed Delivery

Enhanced Informed Delivery® is Even Better

Enhanced Informed Delivery® allows marketers to engage their readers faster, using add-on marketing technology similar to sending an e-blast on the day the mail is expected to arrive.

Enhanced Informed Delivery

In addition to the basic notification provided by the Post Office, a marketer is able to include two electronic files – a full color version of the marketing piece and a call to action, which when clicked, will send the reader to the designated URL.

So What?

Four advantages:

  • 1. The provided marketing piece and URL are placed at the top of the daily list.
  • 2. The marketing piece and URL are in FULL COLOR, everything else is grayscale.
  • 3. The resident can click through to the URL even before the mail arrives.
  • 4. This is one more “touch” in your ongoing marketing plan, with very little additional effort.

But When Did My Mailer Arrive?

With Enhanced Informed Delivery®, Allegro Copy + Print can provide post mailing statistics detailing how many marketing pieces were delivered each day. While that doesn’t identify when an exact address gets delivered, it gives you a very good idea of how long it takes to mail into your area. Based on data returned by USPS, Allegro Copy + Print can provide a post campaign summary report that reports number of pieces, dates received, emails delivered, emails opened and click-through counts.

What Is Needed to Get Started?

As part of the normal mailing process, Allegro Copy + Print can set up your images to conform to USPS requirements, and can provide the instructions to the USPS to implement an Enhanced Informed Delivery® campaign.

We’re looking for volunteers. We’ll use your artwork for your next postcard, and we’ll set up the online notification. We’ll pay for the printing cost (some limitations apply), all you have to do is pay for the postage.

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